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Vol-1 Issue - 1

1st Article
Diode Laser In The Treatment Of Foliate Papillitis

Authors: Dr. Jagadish Ebenezer, Dr. S. Daniel Sathiya Sundaram , Dr. Blessy Hepziba M , Irudaya Mary M, A. Muthunayagam
Abstract The tongue consists of various kinds of papillae which forms its characteristic morphology. These are the filiform papillae, the fungiform papillae, the circumvallate, and the foliate papillae. The foliate papillae may become enlarged and inflamed causing a condition called as Foliate Papillitis. The treatment of this disease includes relieving all causes of trauma to the region. We present a new modality of treatment for this condition by using diode laser of 980 nm. Here we report on two patients with foliate papillitis. Both these patients were treated conservatively but experienced only temporary relief from pain. We used diode laser of 980 nm for their treatment and they experienced significant reduction in their pain levels. Since there is not much published literature on Foliate Papillitis or on use of lasers to treat this condition, this is being presented as an alternative treatment for patients who have foliate papillitis and do not get relief from conservative methods. At one year follow-up, both the patients were free of symptoms. We believe this is the first time that diode laser has been used for the treatment of foliate papillitis. .Diode laser appears to be a good alternative treatment modality for the treatment for patients with foliate papillitis.     Download this Article Pages: 01-06

2nd Article
Dental And Examination On Antibiogram Patterns Of Pseudomonas Species Isolated From Post-Operative Infection's Antibiogram Patterns.

Authors:Dr. Urvashi Rohilla , Dr. S. Dilip Kumar, Dr. Gauri Shankar
Abstract Postoperative wound infection is an important cause of infection in health care associated infection in hospitals. The most commonly seen bacterias in the postoperative infections are Staphylococcus aureus , Escherichia coli , Enterococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Streptococcus pyogenes. The risk of post operative infection is of prime importance because of emerging durg resistance in bacteria that delays the healing. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a gram negative pathogen that causes health care associated infections.     Download this Article Pages: 07-11

3rd Article
Fungal Osteomyelitis Of Maxilla (Mucormycosis) – A Rare Case Report

Authors:Dr.ShamalaRavikumar S , Dr.Dhivya K , Dr.DevikaK.V , Dr.Priyadharsini J , Dr.Deepika E
AbstractOsteomyelitis involving maxilla is less frequent than mandible, due to its rich vascularity. Fungal osteomyelitis is frequently encountered in the nose and paranasal sinuses of the orofacial region and diabetes mellitus is usually a propagating factor which provide a suitable environment for the growth of the fungus. Mucormycosis also referred to as Phycomycosis or Zygomycosis is a systemic fungal infection caused by Mucor species in patients with immune or metabolic disorders and they gain access into the body through breached skin, mucosa, nose and tooth extraction sockets. Here, we present a case of a 45-year- old male patient who presented with a chief complaint of pain and swelling in the right upper anterior teeth region with a history of uncontrolled diabetes mellitus. Several investigations like OPG, CT and routine blood tests were carried out and based on histopathology, a final diagnosis of maxillary fungal osteomyelitis (mucormycosis) was given.      Download this Article Pages:12-17

4th Article
Patients Attitude Towards The Dental Services Provided By A Dental Hospital In India

Authors:Dr. Rajeswary , Dr. Kalaivani , Ms. Deepa .M
Abstract The feedback on patient’s attitude about the dental services delivered at the hospital serves as an essential tool for continual improvement in the quality of car provided. The main objective of this study was to assess the patients’ attitude towards the dental services provided by a dental hospital in Melmaruvathur, Tamil Nadu. A 9 item self-administrated questionnaire with 5- point Likert scale options strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree and strongly disagree was distributed to outpatients to assess the patient attitude. A total of 200 patients were assessed with a mean age of 37.50±10.9 years. The study participants considered professionalism (25.5%) and good communication (25%) to be the most liked qualities of the dentist. The most disliking qualities of a dentist as perceived by the study participants were long treatment duration (28.5%), poor communication skills (19.5%) and irregularity of the dentist (19.5%). Many patients either agreed (42.5%) or strongly agreed (21%) that they were satisfied with the dental treatment provided. The majority of the study participants (53%) felt that distance to reach a dental clinic is not an issue. Although the majority of participants in the study are satisfied with the services provided care should be taken care on the treatment duration and communication skills of the dental care provider.     Download this Article Pages: 18-23

5th Article
Oral Mucocele - A Review Of 30 Cases

Authors: Monisha.R , , Dr. Vasupradha G. , Dr. Shamala
Abstract Mucocele is a benign salivary gland lesion characterised by a mucin filled cavity, which most commonly involves the lower lip. They may be of the extravasation type or intravasation type, the former being more common. Here we have reviewed a total of 30 cases to analyse and study various variables and have also emphasized the importance of histopathological examination of mucoceles to rule out malignancy and other lesions.. revascularization    Download this Article Pages:24-29